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About us

The Italian Spring has its own charm that can’t be compared with any other, filled with its own special flavor, taste and aroma. You always desire to enjoy this special Italian Spring again and again, remembering all those unforgettable moments of happiness and joy. I would like to sink back again into the indescribable stunning nature of Italy, a true hospitality of the Italians and the limitless temptation of the Italian and Mediterranean cuisine .. 

Primavera means Spring in Italian language.


Primavera Restaurant, which is located at 6Melnikova Street, is a small piece of the Italian quiet spring, located in one of the busiest and noisy districts in Kiev city. Dining here, you would realize again how great is to be in a quiet, warm and hospitable place providing the best service and attention.

The restaurant's interior is designed in warm colors and the atmosphere of a quiet and cozy Italian courtyard, filled with the aroma of freshly made pizza, the smell of tomatoes and cheese, the tenderness and the warmth of home. We are always happy and proud to be chosen to serve different activities such as, a festival table for big happy families, a business meeting around a cozy table and cooing lovers. 


Here you can enjoy deferent types of a true traditional Italian pizza (Margherita, Peperoni, Fiorentina, Caesar, Siciliana and others –we offer you more than 30 deferent types), treat yourself and your friends a spicy pizza with seafood (Costa di mare, Gamberetti, Frutti di mare). Do not ignore our special«Primavera»pizzas. And just for you - our cheerfulpizzaiolo (pizza maker) can prepare any pizza according to your wish.


Even the mostexperienced guests will appreciate the variety of salads (forever the beloved «Caesar», «Caprese», «Horiatiki» and our own special «Matteotti»salad), appetizers as eggplant «Parmigiana» and veal tongue with sauce «Bishon») on first course, meat and fish dishes, various pastas and ravioli, lasagna and cannelloni.



We have a huge range of Mediterranean dishes, among which is worth mentioning, «Couscous» with chicken or lamb, a traditional Moroccan dish, as well as «Flambees» - tigershrimps fried in olive oil and «Marinara» - mussels under an Italian sauce, tomato, garlic and herbs.

No one is indifferent to the magical desserts prepared with great love and affection –The Italian apple pie, profiteroles, tiramisu, and special desserts from Primavera restaurant.


And of course, in our restaurant you will find a wide range of highquality of the Italian wines. Also, French, Chilean, Georgian and Spanish wines. Huge selection of alcohol and non-alcohol cocktails.


Only in our Primavera Restaurant you can forget about the busy, bustling city life and plunge into the atmosphere of relaxation and easiness.


We have two halls in our restaurant covered with good free Wi-Fi


We are always happy to serve our friend and to make new friend!


Spring always awaits you in Primavera Restaurant!


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